Hey there UG,
i got a peavey valveking 212 (was gonna get a 112 but dad refused cos he said that the 212 would be future proof and still good for practice because it cant be that loud cos my uncle has a 400 watt bass amp wich isnt mega loud - and theres no point arguin with my dad) anyway, i need an amp for practice, and maybe recording.

HOWEVER, im mega bored at the moment cos i have no projects to be doing, and i can only meet up with friends every so often, SO id like either a small head (id be makin my own cab and probably recasing the amp) OR a kit that i can build myself (ive seen a thread of someone making one wich looked not mega hard to do, and im not a retard and pretty capable of making a kit)

so basically, any kind of amp i can use for practice, but it has to be a head or a kit.

im not bothered if its tube or solid state, but im pretty sure all kits ar tube.

i cant get a blackheart little giant in the uk

i play metal, but i like those songs like fade to black or this love by pantera or a tout le monde by megadet wich have clean bits, so i need both clean and distortion, but i suppose i could use a distortion pedal with a kit?

so any recommendations?
or if u think im bein completely stupid with my plans, please tell me.
and no i dont really want to sell the peavey.
and budget isnt really a major factor, but bear in mind ive only got a weekend job so more that £200 ($400) is a bit steep, but im flexible
Peavey Valveking 212

Ibanez S520EX in grey
what would be cool is a cemetary gates ish tone. i can perfectly reproduce it with just a low gain level on the distortion channel. but im not gonna tell you what kind of tone to use of course. i totally think your idea is a good one, but i dont really see what you could do with this? the only thing i've seen from lurking UG in most of my spare time at school, i've really only seen a few amp mods that make sense.

to me, it's like guitar pickups. you like the body, but hate the pups so you change em...

i've seen people changing out the valves that it uses? personalizing the tubes? the way i look at guitar tone, is that i take a guitar body style i like and a guitar sound style i like and i'd put those two peices together.

that makes the most sense to me, but if you find something of your own then go for it.

as far as being bored and wanting to change around your equipment all around goes, why dont you just take a bit of time to chill out and improve on your technique? all of the equipment in the world can't and won't make you a better player

either way, good luck, you seem to know what you want. just try to demo diff amps and figure out what you like... its the only thing pros can do even right?