Hey I'm trying to do some recording of like a whole band situation (i.e. drums, bass, guitar, vocals...). Not at the same time, but still the drums will require many mics.

Right now I got a ****ty little tascam multitrack with 8 tracks, but only recording 2 at a time. For drums, I plan on mic-ing it up and running it through a PA to get levels and then only taking up one tascam track when recording.

I am just wondering what I can do to get the best quality, and ease, in recordings.

I would ultimately like to get something with more inputs....any ideas on a CHEAP interface or multitrack??? When I say cheap I mean like hopefully under 300.

Oh, and Drum Mics, I would like to buy actual drum mics, like a 7 mic set. What kind is good for recording????
do not combine drum mics onto one track. you'll want to be able to adjust all the drums levels separately. it's just better that way.