I'm starting a project next month stripping and repainting a guitar, and wondered what sort of quality I can expect to achieve.

I've looked at all the tutorials etc and if I follow these to the letter of the law can I expect to achieve factory quality finish when I repaint if I put the effort in?

Also does anyone have a recommendation for an English supplier of good quality aerosol spray paint for use on guitars. I'd also like to use clear coat from the same range if possible. Any tips?

the final finish can look like anything from "pretty good" to "Factory Mint" depending on the sanding steps. On the final sanding before painting you need to level sand and make sure the body is nice level so the paint (or stain) absorbs egually. Also the same applies when you do the sanding sealer, level sand that lightly as well. The biggest part is the wet sanding of the final finish. YOU GOTTA BE CAREFUL!! barely apply any pressure on the paper, let it do the work. Do not stay in one place longer than the others and be EXTRA careful on the edges! Barely even sand the edges, or not at all, it will still look great! After the sanding use a medium grade rubbing compound and the same rules apply from the wet sanding. Then do a fine grade compound, same rules. Then a swirl remover wax coat and it should look fantastic! The biggest tip "This is gonna take a while! Becareful as all get out as you don't wanna have to start again. TAKE YOUR TIME, DO NOT RUSH. Rushing is the enemy!"
Good luck! It's alot of fun!

Edit: sorry, I don't know any English suppliers, you should google it, wish I had a better answer for you!
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
here check out


that covers staining. If you aren't staining, it still covers finishing, sanding, buffing etc.
I'm not in the UK so I just can't help you sorry.

Like valorhoads said, take your time. And remember that basically any mistake can be fixed, so don't even worry about that.
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Yeah, i'm really going to take my time with it.

I'm the sort of person who can do it if i want it enough, and this is something i really want to do.

Basically I'm starting with a Squier Strat and i'm going to strip it and repaint it and kit it out in the design of my favourite football club, i then plan to get it signed by the squad. - Long term plan!

I've been reading all the tutorials and can't wait to get this thing started! But when I start it i'm really going to take my time because I want to do the best job i can possibly do!
you should do the back like a soccer ball (not sure what you guys call the actual ball there... I know you call the sport football (and that name actually makes more sense to me... in American Football you don't use your feet that much...) so anyway thats my two cents haha)
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Well my plan was to do the front in club colours with the crest/logo and to leave the back plain because every year my club hold an open day where you can meet the squad and the manager and i was going to try and get it all signed by them!
Well, here is my mock up of what I hope to achieve when my project is completed! Only it'll be a Squier not a Fender.