I really love Iron Maiden and want to learn one of the solos... trouble is I'm not sure which one to go for. So help me out guys, just to give you an idea of what I can play, the hardest song I can play all the way through is probably Fade to Black by Metallica, I can also play most of the Sweet Child Of Mine solo too.
try wasting love, then work on scales to help learn other solo's.
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Number of the Beast!!

The one Wasted Years is also pretty good!
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try wasting love, then work on scales to help learn other solo's.

+1 Wastnig Love was one of the first solo's I learnt, TS should be able to play it.

I love the Ides of March solo personally, it's pretty easy and sounds great.

To be honest, you should really just listen to the songs, find one you like, try to learn it and if it's too difficult pick another one (not that you shouldn't challenge yourself).
Transylvania with the first solo should be relatively easy. It's one of those solos that sound harder than it really is. I learned it by ear when I was a 10 month veteran of guitar playing.
If you decide on this song I will be happy to tab it out fer ya!\
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Try listening to one that appeals to you and not other people. Then find that one, and learn it. That is the best way ya' know.
learn the solo from powerslave its isnt extreemly hard and it sounds sik
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The Trooper ones are not so hard and nice sounding.
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