The bassist in my band has recently brought an American Big Muff Pi off the internet, and last band practice he asked if he could borrow my Sovtek Big Muff to see if he likes it.
I then asked if he'd be interested in doing a swap? American one for a Sovtek one, seeing as their apparently better for bass tones, and the added fact the American one has an adaptor slot, which means I could use it alot more often.
The only problem is, my Sovtek has been gigged, so it's got some cosmetic damage but still works fine.

I've offered him a swap, along with some money towards it.

Is the deal a good one in your opinion? Or should I not ask this of him?
Do a borrow-swap. See which you prefer.
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Do a borrow-swap. See which you prefer.


It's a good idea to see (well, hear ) for yourself what the differences are before you trade them or anything.
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Bass players aren't the only ones who prefer the Sovtek muffs, though I like the American one better myself. Try it and see.
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Either way, you certainly don't have to give him any money. If anything it would have to be the other way around.
I played the American Big Muff. It sounded awful. I didn't like it one bit. If you like it better than the Sovtek one, trade him even.
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