I am wanting to start playing along with more Behemoth tunes.
I know a couple albums use D tuning, but let's face it, most tabs on here have the stuff from the newer albums, so I think it was done in C#.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Just wondering what gauge people use for the lower stuff, specifically C#.

I am used to playing in D tuning, I think I have been using .10 - .52.

And if anyone likes to play around with old Sepultura stuff like from Arise or Chaos AD, I would be interested to know what gauge you use too.

for C# I would recommend at least 0.11 or thicker
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10-52 will work for lower tunings. I would personally put as high was 13's if I was playing that low, but I use 11's in standard, so yeah.
You use a 52 for D? THat's heavy for that high of a tuning. I use a 52 for C and a standard 10 set for D. If you like your strings on the tighter side, a set of 11's will do fine for Db (C#). Keep in mind also that you'll have to re-set the intonation at the bridge if you're switching tunings in order for the guitar to intonate properly.
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I tend to favor heavier gauge strings and use 12-56's for C and C# standard tuning. You can realistically get away with something a bit smaller, but try to go for something with thicker than typical low strings as some 11 gauge string sets come with bottom strings as small as 46.
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Well I think it is the .52 I use, it may be a .50. It has been way too long since I have gotten new strings.

I just don't want to bend the neck if I get a big gauge. Sometimes a buddy uses my guitar when I am not around and he may tune it back up to D or something.
Just rather play it safe you know.
I play old Sepultura with Standard E tuning...

They also got those ernie ball "skinny top/heavy bottom" strings, they're 52-10
for D, a set of 11 - 50 should work just fine. for C or lower no less than 54. for the thickest string should be used.
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I play in B on one of my guitars and it has the Ernie Ball "not even slinkys" on it and they are fine. I believe they are 56-12 or so. I forget.
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