Check my sig and tell me if I could get close to a tone that sounds death/melodic/blackish. I would like to get something like The Black Dahlia Murder (Nocturnal) / At the gates (Slaughter of Souls). I know my gear is not that good (see crap?) so please bear with it .

Also if you could give me some insight on what to upgrade first and all that would be great.
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A new amp definitely, tube amp, I recommend maybe a used mesa F-30/F-50, with an EQ pedal to shape the tone to your liking.

Also after you get a new amp, a new guitar/new pickups (Active emg's maybe).
I'd say Peavey 5150 or a Rectifier. Maybe a Framus Cobra or Bogner if you're wealthy
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A F30 or 50 won't do it they're to classic rockish

Try a 5150 Combo.
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A F30 or 50 won't do it they're to classic rockish

Try a 5150 Combo.

It will on contour mode with an EQ pedal. I own an F-50 and it sounds pretty damn death metal to me with my Schecter Hellraiser.