I am finally sold that the Carvin Legacy is for me and the fund begins today!
My question UG is this: Should I go the Ebay route and keep my fingers crossed? Or Should I save up an extra few bones and get a brand spanking new one from Carvin with a custom skin on it and covers and footswitch and casters all at the same time?

Another question would be: Should I speed up the process and just get a 212 cab with the head, saving approx $250 in accessories and covering fees, getting a 4x12 later or just buy the 212 model? Would they be the same sound basically just two units vs 1 unit? I checked and they have the same amount of tubes.

Any help would be great!
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Never go the e bay route - e bay is a den of sheisters and you can't rely on people to be honest. TOo many rip offs, not enough justice. Spend the cash and get what you pay for without the hassle of returns, exchanges, high speed chases and gun fights.

Get the 4x12 if you're gigging heavy. If not, a 2x12 is fine for now since, like you said, you can pick up a 4x12 later on. The speakers make the difference as far as cab tone goes for the large part, keep that in mind.
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It would actually be more economical if you're gigging regularly to get the head and 212 cab. 212 halfstacks are far easier to transport than 412 halfstacks and each piece is lighter than a 212 combo. The cab will probably have a mic stuck in front of it so the size of the cab will play a comparatively small role on the overall sound.
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At all the gigs I have lined up having a 4x12 is basically overkill to be honest. It just feels weird going from a 4x12 Marshall (its an AVT50, that's why I'm upgrading) to a 2x12 but it does make sense economically and sonically. I guess when I get some bigger gigs I'll just get a 4x12 and play with 6x12s!!
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!