Ok... Here it goes...

This is my first real contribution to this website. I just wanted to see if there was any impact my little thread could get. LOL It's pretty much just to see what kind of response the average user could get if here if I tried.

There are UG users on here from all over the country, and possibly the world. I imagine that like me, there are many people that enjoy going to the local shows and seeing the multitude nameless bands that play. A lot of these bands are very good and would possibly make it, but the problem is that nobody knows what to look for. As I'm sure most people know... these bands tour at little local joints all over the country. Let's post the names of those local bands that nobody knows about, but maybe should. This will help make the bands more popular, as well as help the average person who doesn't have $30 or $40 to spend everytime they want to go see a good show.

I guess the best way to do it would be to post the name of the band, and where the show was played, as well as the type of music that is played. It also might be helpful to give some sort of comparison. This could be fun.

Lynam - Birmingham, AL - Rock, Metal
Sons of William - Birmingham, AL - Blues, Rock
17th Floor - Birmingham, AL - Funk, Blues
Becoming The Archetype - McCalla, AL - Metal/Hardcore
Once Nothing - McCalla, AL - Hardcore
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