my internet is well and truly buggered. instead of showing images, it just shows a little white square, with a red square, a green circle and a blue triangle in it.

how do i fix this?? it started when i deleted a virus
picture please.

and what type of browser do you use?


I mean do a prt scr and post
right click on the red-X box
and select 'Show Picture'
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check your internet settings in your browser's options. The virus scanner might have reset your settings to a extremely safe mode that wont download images embedded on websites.
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right click on the red-X box
and select 'Show Picture'

ah, that worked, but that means i have to do it every time!
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yup. Looks like its your settings. Make sure that they are set to where images can be downloaded. Check the security level. Should be at least set to medium
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