Hey guys i got a squier that i use for my practice guitar and the tuners suck, so i was wondering whats a cheap upgrade to put on that'll hold a tune while i play. i was thinking just buying some mim fender tuners off ebay what do you think?
nah buy a korg
but get one of the square ones they have an output so it can be on a pedalboard
He's talking about the tuners on the headstock.
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The most respected brands are Grover, Gotoh, Schaller, and Sperzel.
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I'm not completely sure I would go with those. I hear a lot of mixed opinions about them. Some love them, some hate them. If you are on a budget or are willing to take a chance that is the way to go.
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Well I got some and they're great...

and there are a lot of options there... there are real wilkinsons as well.
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Im sorry, i misread the post
I personally really like my Gotohs try them they stay in tune for days.