Just started learning to play the guitar and I am currently on my second course at college so I aint that good, I am currently trying to play all shook up by Elvis but I cant figure out the strum could anyone help out please.
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well its been over one week and not one single reply, good to see all you guitar guru's were so helpfull NOT.
At least I no not to bother you all in the future.
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What a lovely attitude you have.

I never really know what to tell people when they ask for strumming patterns. Just listen to the song over and over and work it out? The strum pattern should just come naturally.
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Its not that its just when you look and see that over 60 people have read but not one single reply, but I do thank you for your reply have been doing what you said I think maybe I need to just pick something a little slower to start off with.
Cheers anyway I do appreciate your response thats all I wanted it does get frustrating and Like I said I am still a biginner compared to most of the people that probably use this sight.
Maybe link a (youtube?) version of the song you mean, that'd make it easier for others to pick it up.

As for the song, seems like a standart boogie blues pattern to me, so you'll do fine with stuff like this:



in case you don't know how this works. It's basically powerchords (Bb, Eb, F, respectively) but on the "2" and "4" beats you bring in the major sixth, fret this with the pinky.

These seem to be the chords used, it stays on the Bb for the most part, the turnaround brings in the Eb and F, I'm sure you hear this. Play the rhythm with a shuffle feel.

For extra authenticity you (or better, a friend) can play this alternative guitar rhythm pattern:


(shuffle eights strum)
you slide (from 1 fret below) into a Bb7 chord, and play the sixth on the off-accents. Sounds lovely and something like that is also used in the recording.

You should rather ask your instructors in the guitar course, they can give you firsthand information and show you. The thing about beginner playing and covering is also that you don't have to (and often can't) play a song like the original (hey, even Elvis himself altered that song many times throughout his career), you can play your own version, with your own rhythms.
Thanks very much that is very helpfull although it looks very complicated, I will take your advise and take it along to my next class.
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No problem, though this should really better be a question for your live teacher in the guitar course (after all you've agreed it's complicated to convey (even simple) rhythm stuff in text form - I bet when the teacher shows you the same thing you'll get it in 5 mins) - that's kinda what a course should be for (unless it's some inflexible "play what we tell you, otherwise shut up" group thing)

But you should also notice: When you want help from others, especially in such an impersonal enviroment, you have to help them give you the best answer. I think you'd get much faster much more satisfying answers if you had posted a youtube link to the actual song (as it can't be expected of everyone to keep digging for you). Also you should give them an outlook of your current skill level - not what you can't play ("I'm a beginner" doesn't suffice), but what you can play: "I know basic open chords", for example, will give you a much more digestible answer fitting to your current skill level, or "I know about blues shuffle patterns", so you can actually understand my answer.

Have fun playing the song, and remember, keep it simple at first: Don't waste weeks trying to learn a maybe more accurate but definetly harder version, when you could have rocked out a simpler abridged version all along. Get the chords of the song, play it with a rhythm you can actually play yet, and just have fun - in time, when you learn new advanced stuff, you can then incorporate it into the song which you'll already know
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well its been over one week and not one single reply, good to see all you guitar guru's were so helpfull NOT.
At least I no not to bother you all in the future.

My advice, don't greet UG'ers like this.

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you been a star.

And of course not like this!