Hey guys,

First of all I just wanted to say Hi to everyone seeing as I'm sort of new to ultimate-guitar (at least the forums).. Anyways on to my question... I've been playing guitar for about 8 months now and have (in my opinion ) got pretty good.. The music I'm most interested in is metal (thrash,speed whatever).. I'm able to play a lot of the older (better ) Metallica songs and have just recently got into playing a lot of faster things such as All That Remains.. Now my question is I'm finally getting around to buying a new amp and I'm totally stuck on what to get.. I walked into the small music store near my home and asked the people there what a good amp to play metal on would be and they pointed out two that really stood out to me... (Note: my price range is around $300 - $400 and limited to what my nearest store has..)

First was the Spider III 75w which at first kind of seemed a little gimmicky with its 400+ presets and all that junk but after playing it a bit it gets the job done and I'm sure if i had actually purchased it and brought it home with enough tweaking I could make some very cool tones..


Second was the Crate Flexwave 65w which was also very good but lacking the same amount of distortion the Spider had (although playing in a store is quite different that taking it home and cranking it to 11)...Also I'm sure I could get the tone I want with pedals and such as well...


Anyways I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on either of these amps and which would be better suited for playing lots of metal styled riffs on... Although a nice clean channel is always nice for songs like (fade to black and the interlude to master of puppets)...

Thanks in advance.....
Look at a used Peavey 5150. Those amps mentioned suck.
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If you can stretch your budget a small bit, and your local store carries Peavey amps, definately get a Valve King. Awesome amp, and can do metal pretty well. Or just get an amp with tubes, like a Peavey Classic 30 or maybe a Crate Palomino V32. AN od pedal, and you can get nearly anything from that amp.
randall rg50tc, b-52 at112, peavey valveking 112 but it would be perfect if u got a 5150 or a 6505
personally...i rly like the spider...but basically everyone here will (and has) call me a nub, tell me to stfu, and kill myself....but i like the spider still....
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personally...i rly like the spider...but basically everyone here will (and has) call me a nub, tell me to stfu, and kill myself....but i like the spider still....

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If youve been playing 8 months not real likely you need a 75 watt amp. And for the same cash you could get a less wattage tube amp with out all the gimmicks. And a 30 watt tube amp will be way louder and sound way better. Also to use all the channels and effects you will need to shell out the extra bucks for the special pedal the spiders use. Music stores love to sell those high watt SS amps as they make a whole lot more profit on them than tube amps. The store near me wont carry anything but spiders, says anything else in the store would cut into his sales. More likely would show how bad they sound.