So I lost all my music and I want it back. Whats the best way of getting it all back again without spending a fortune? I was thinking about torrents but I just thought I'd ask the pit if they have any other ideas?
Just use torrents man, way easier than anything else, considering you're wanting all your music replaced.
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id say limewire, but everybody is going to dissagree and reccomend something better, so just nevermind this post.
Have you not tried checking the recycled bin/system restore etc. etc.?
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i say limeiwire i nvr got how those damned torrents worked?? but if u do use limewire make sure u scan everything after u download it!! and when ur done with it take it off ur comp.
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I personally prefer Dr.Dre but Lil Jon is gangsta home boy fresh aswell.
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Yes I went through all of that. Its gone FOREVER. So I need new music and I want to know the quickets way to obtain said new music =].
Steal everything all the CDs in a music shop... But watch out, you risk a bit of trouble with cops after that ... (honestly, I don't recommend that, but it's the fastest way to get it soo...)
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borrow ur friends ipod and rip his songs to your computer using Yamipod
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