So in Creep by Radiohead, right before the chorus guitar 2 makes this extremely loud percussive noise.

How does he do it?

Thanks a lot.

mute strings, strum hard.

loud amp, distortion.

thats about it.

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Lay your right hands on the strings without pressing down/fretting a note. Then strum.
What all these guys said except to get the 'exact' sound I think you have to mute the 3rd fret marker. Its either 1st or 3rd fret marker. I haven't got my guitar to hand right now so I can't check for sure. Surely one of the tabs on UG already says this?
Standard tuning ( IIRC)


Place your fingers flat over the area of the fretboard so your index finger is about over the 4th fret and your pinky over the 6/7th fret. You get more beef with the mute (as indicated by the x in the tab. Remember you need to hold your fingers flat on top of your strings WITHOUT depressing you fingers between the frets. It's kinda like you are resting your fingers on the strings. This is what works for me and I have played this song more time than I like to admit but it is a great tune
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