Hey, we are a new band called The DefROCKed Nuns, we formed 4 days ago and composed 4 songs (only displayed 2), and here are our ages: lead guitarist (me) 15, Rythm Guitarist (david) 17. We are still forming and have contacted musicians.

we would like you to tell us what u think about: The Realms Of Imagination and In Memoriam.

it would be much apreciated: www.myspace.com/defrockednuns
not now coz my pc got a problem, i cant listen to anyones music (it just se loadin) or edit my own i dont kno wats wrong
Very cool, nice and old school sound. Had a bit of a metallica "ride" feel to it.
Timing was a bit up and down but you guys have plenty of time to develop your musicianship. Find that drummer and work hard, should sound awesome. I will stay posted.