well at the moment i straighten my hair (yeah get the gay jokes out of the way first)

i have a fringe (yes get the emo jokes out of the way even though i personally hate emo bands and emo's, im into metal)

i need something new with my hair, nothing drastic like shaving it all off or something

if i wanted to gel it its currently at like 15 cm at back and middle and my hair is generally quite heavy so what would i use?

what colours are awesome?


(by the way i like it longish)
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Grow it, then go for the old rabidguitarist look.

I don't really know what you could do with 15cm hair, apart from grow it longer.
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get dreadlocks, dye them rainbow colours and let them grow below your knees, that would be so groovy...
Glue it all together into one giant deadly spike, dye it black, or some chrome colour then impale people, that's so f*cking metal...
Grow it out if you like it long and you're into metal.
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Seriously, do it.

Yeah, but consider making it pink instead.... would really fit you as person i think
You like it
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do that

don't. you'd look like a sunk
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don't. you'd look like a sunk


Surelyt you mean skunk...
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I'm pretty sure he meant retard.

lol the 'retard' comment made me laugh because it's true...

and yes, i meant skunk, sorry.
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Grow it longer and then part it down the middle, Jack White style.

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Shave off the top and get horizontal stipes of hair on the sides/back of your head. Then dye the stripes pink.
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lol even more accurate than my 'skunk' comment
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