Here's a song I wrote long time ago.
I'm not an english speaker so please, if you find any grammatically mistakes let me know!

Walking besides my grave
Like a bird, i fly everywhere
I watch from above the sun
I'm the overseer of all around

I watch death everyday
I cant do something to stop this pain
From the sky i dive, straight to the ground

A bloody horizon is shown by the sky
A bloodbath for murderers, as a feast for the nature
So many sins are made everyday
The the thousands oaks mark their place

The blackest raven i've ever seen is flying above the corpse beneath
the trees.
The clouds are becoming darker, freezing wind is starting to blow.
In my imagine i see a frozen black lake
A naked man is lying on the shore lifeless
The clouds now covering the sun
The warm i felt now is gone

People are getting into shelters
It looks like the trees are frozen
An enormous amount of snow is falling off the sky
The mankind stands at the portal of an ice age

People freeze to death, they weren't ready for this
I have nothing to do, all i can is lament to the moon
I hear the wolf's cry from the forest below
A saviour is walking among us all

"I call you mighty god, stop the suffer of men.
You shall stop this coldness, this death"

The leaves starting to fall off the trees
The men weep to their new saviour
"Ruler of the new world, ruler of the sky"
A havoc is about to begin
Hey man, nice song but check out the rules regarding song titles when posting.


repost with correct title and you'll get better responses pal!


I posted at the same time as Zanas Cross, didn't mean to post after his comment. Sorry guys!