I thought it was pretty good. A little loose in terms of timing at certain times, and the mixing for the distortion guitar was, in my opinion, not as good as it could be. Either lower the distortion part or raise the vocals. If the vocals are raised you may also want to put a little more power in the performance to go along with it (just an opinion). But I like the idea, your vocals were surprisingly good for UG. Piano might work better for the quieter parts with the clean guitars accentuating it (acoustic piano mind you, not electric). Good stuff.
i loved the voilinish thing in the background, and wow you can sing really good. the distortion was really good too, a lil off at times but good none the less. very good bro
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Being a fan of radiohead, I thought that was pretty brilliant. Vocals were nice. Chord progression was dissonant and awesome (G Phrygian FTW!). Good Job!

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Thanks for the crits guys. The distortion is off, I recorded it playing along with the original beat and I think I need to start the chorus drums at a different place or find new ones. Thanks again, and next, I posted in your thread .
Ok, revised it and the chorus is in correct time now. Still happy to c4c of course.
I love the main progression, very Radiohead (Deffo a good thing in my book) You're vocals are pretty good, though now and then you sound like you mightn't have quite enough breath to hold the note. They sound spot on though, definitely fit. I would consider altering the dynamics of the vocal, even slightly, to give a bit more energy in the chorus.
Perhaps when you're recording the distorted guitar, maybe have the amp and mic further away from you yourself as you're strumming, cos you can hear it(Although it sounds alright, bit of extra percussion) Good song, and you've recorded it well, the way the distorted guitar fades and the clean arpeggios return is good. It's well stuctured to, doesn't feel drawn out. Good job so.

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By the way, reckoner sounds great too.
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Thanks for the feedback guys, and I posted in your threads. I need to redo some of the vocals for sure, definitely the chorus. And chordprogressive i know what your talking about with the strumming, and its because I sit next to my macbook when I record...I'll have to redo it at some point and get away from the macbook while I play. Again, thanks for the input.