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Yes, these are finally up! So here's how it goes. As you guys can see, you have multiple votes here. All 3 with the most votes carry on to the semi-finals. That's saying we eliminate one piece per polls here in the quarters. We'll go through the same thing again in semi-finals, before having a 4-way final! For other specifications, see the Grand Championship Thread!. Points for the finals are 6/4/3/2 !

Matchups have been randomly determined. I actually did cut pieces of paper and picked them out of my beloved melon hat . Polls opened 5 days! Get voting!!!

Contestants, let me know if anything is wrong with font, etc.


I set the spaghetti on fire,
missed the pot when I was pouring,
and I melted a metal cup
in the microwave.
I let my credit cards go unpaid,
as I threw down half my paycheck
for some weak painkillers
and flu medicine.
My brother ran away again,
and no one seems to care this time,
no one knows where he is,
and he isn't even on my mind,
but if I saw him,
I'd unload several fists to his face,
because our parents raised us right,
and he needs to learn his place
in this world he isn't old enough
to be alone in just yet.
he's only seventeen,
and pretty much, a prison veteran.
I've spent all day dying on this bed,
as I coughed up blood,
and downed orange juice,
and ignored phone calls from my parents --
maybe someone's found him,
so maybe I've lost my chance,
to instill some vigilante justice
and make my brother understand
just exactly what he's missed.
and as I lay here,
macking on some girl, who really,
is not pretty enough for me,
I hope they throw him in the army
and he is all he can be:
another statistic on a chart,
whether locked up in a prison or
shot up in the ground.
I've loved him for seventeen years,
but I don't think I do now.
and I think that I'd be better
without him in my life,
I've got a C average
at a state university
and I haven't been arrested,
and I only drink alcohol
when friends are around,
and the cops have let me off
every time I've almost let down
my parents, and everyone I know,
so God, if one of us is going to die,
I think he's the one who should go.

this is desperation, you patronizing ass

take your hand out of mine,
they feel too much alike.
mine is smaller, but it has more to hide.
and when our fingers interweave
it's too easy to read all
the truth
carved deep into
my arms.

let me close my eyes,just for a little while.
they're too honest to be in
the face of a liar.
and if you get too close to me,
i swear you're going to see that
i've given you
but lies.

don't hold me so tight
while our limbs are entwined.
'cause i can't fight the urge
to reach deep inside
and rip out our veins,
tie us in our embrace, so
our blood
flows together

(nostalgia) - a study in four parts.

4/ let the queen through the woods are never-ending rainbows
	and we wet as a river strange how dreams are build 
   	blueprints of our story.

   as a bird flies where the remote doesn't work we are
   					         the thin 

3/ listen closer.
	ad fundum, red wine seeps and the animated life
				(--don't you think so?)
			a fairy tale.
	sur la lune		sur la lune
	je vois les 		(--I think so too.)
	gens qui 		     -
	surveillent		of broken
  	les sens.		        sentences.

2/ one o'clock.			tick
       two o'clock		  tack-tock

	this week (i know) dark blue as broken teeth

			 hurry up, please it's time.

   après-garde	 lo-fi junk.
   thermic soundscapes make me sweat i'm out of line
			  	         out of time

1/ you, youngest of rebels!
	relieve the monotony of glamour (recedes)

	    slap the lost suitcase with manuscripts
   	      concerned with icecream in the desert.		
	drop the green parka!
   you, on times square			
		old bourgeois ways
	and lectures on dadaism.
	  (--recite post-modernist poetry out loud)
0/ dress oddly in your lingo
		like the nameless.
		like the brothers and sisters of 
		yesterday's newspapers of broken
		laws and each and every madman.

	vaguely romantic;
		downbeat nostalgia.

Correlations, Two Hundred and Sixteen...

12: 35 Restate my assumptions ;
Mathematics is the language of nature.
Where one and one can equal three
These are not just intentions for “you” and “me”,
It’s the final answer, the closure.
This pain in my brains only shows up
When everything intensifies, when I get
So close where I can extend my arm
And almost touch it, it intensifies
When I go too far, how far is too far?

5: 47 Personal note;
Everything around us can be represented
And understood through numbers,
The freezing point, the copper coins, the sunflower.
There must be a solution for that goddamn spiral,
When you blow out your cigarette, it’s motion, see
When you pour milk in black coffee,
The way we’re running circles while getting
Further. You. Me.
The stock market. Every Go game. All that chaos.
This headache. Pain. Pain.

11 : 43 Results :
If you graph the numbers of any system,
Patterns emerge.
And you see connections. Medicine. Crashes.
The Torah. The true name of God. Marijuana.
It was given to me, this madness, this ability,
The digits, this disease. When I was six my mother
Told me not to stare into the sun.
So I did.
Before crashing,
I saw the light.
And became aware
Of my own existence.

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^ It won't format right unless you make a code box, joris.

If you send the piece over the PM messaging system, it will add extraneous lines.
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