My school's prom is tomorrow and I'm going with a fairly small group of about 7 which includes my girlfriend. This really awkward and weird senior guy asked one of the girls in my group to go to it with him last night (OVER TEXTING). This guy happens to be my girlfriends ex and he was only with her for about 5 days because she realized she couldn't stand him and didn't like him like that at all. After she broke up with him, i asked her out a week later because i knew she liked me and the guy wrote her a 4 page note telling her why they should get back together, so i dont like him at all.

The situation for me is that everyone is coming to my house after prom and theyre all just staying the whole night. Now since this guy is going with one of the girls, hes getting squeezed into our plans. I've made it pretty public among that group that I really don't want this guy coming to my house at all, much less staying the whole night. My girlfriend doesn't want him too either cause she doesn't like him. The problem is that the girl going with him had a very low chance of getting a date at all so none of the girls in this group want to "ruin it for her" by telling him he cant come to my house after.

Do you guys think im out of line for saying this guy is NOT coming to my house? I think it's ridiculous, he's invading.
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