Do you do any stretches/warmups with your arms and fingers before playing guitar?
If so, what do you do?
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i run through a few scales. and some of MAB's and vai's practice's
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i always warm up, i do the full series of stretches on petruccis rock discipline dVd, then usually a load of chromatics and scales

my warm ups tend to take half an hour though...
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i usually do some scales.

Then I do some power chords, then some sweeping, then a little bit of tapping.

Then I walk away for 5 minutes then come back.

Overall a good warmup i'd say.
The first thing I usually do when I get home and pick up my guitar, is run my fingers up and down each string, on every fret. Kinda like a picking/fretting exercise. Then I usually do a few scales.
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I usually don't warm-up when I'm just practicing at home, but I do before a gig. I usually run through scales and chromatic run's. I actually use some of John Petrucci's brilliant practicing technique's he discusses in his Rock Discipline DVD.
The warmup exercises of the John Petrucci Rock Discipline DVD
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**** pushups. you only need to do the one.

Lol i saw a video of Kirk Hammet doing some pushups before gigging
search for petrucci's rock disciplene warmup in youtube. stretch hands, wrists, fingers to both sides softly. grab your arm from the elbow and cross your chest with it for 15 seconds. the other way round also...i remember those only, but search for the video!

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