Hey, as a few people maybe know already im gettin ready to decide on selling my VK. I plan to spend around 700 dollars for the new amp. Im buying used as to maximize the boundaries of what i can find. Ive recently found a Peavey Ultra Plus half stack with a laney cab for 300 on ebay with no bids ending in 3 days. Is this a great deal? Ive heard great review about in on harmony central and ive found a few on here. Also if so whats usually the price for shippin for it, is it smart to buy off ebay, and will i be satisfied with it? Im looking for a trivium/early metallica sound of distortion. And if not what other suggestions do you have? Thanks again.
I read up there the predecessor to the XXX. But they have a warmer tone instead of the grainy distortion like the XXX. Apparently also their very good amps. So if anybody has played or seen them opinoions would be great about them.