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Metal muff
5 71%
Silver Dragon
2 29%
Voters: 7.
So this is it. the final whice pedal should i put to the metal from me.

So i have a distortion for blues, jazz, and rock

But i want a good pedal for metal

I mostly play things that sound abit like Nevermore, Mastodon, opeth, DT and so on

But also something like Motorhead, blind guardian, Alter bridge and Avantasia

So want i i need is one with chruncy riff sound and a blistering lead sound

It shall not be muddy

And when I play a fast lead it should´t be like fuzzing tooking but every should be heard clean

and should be good for pinched harmonix

And candidad that Ug give is

Ehx Metal Muff
Rocktron Silver Dragon


Ps. Sorry for bad spelling
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Parker Nitefly with SD Hotrails and JB Two Tone

Marshall dsl 401

Boss DD-6
EHX Big Muff
Metalmuff i would say.
Professional Mixing available at request.

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