I recently purchased a midi keyboard(m-audio oxygen8 V2)

I am running it through Nuendo, although there is a latency issue

I have downloaded ASIO4ALLv2 hoping this would fix the problem, although on the list of WDM devices, the keyboard is not listed

Realtek HDA is all that appears, just the audio inputs/outputs, so i dont think tweaking those will help either

Im not sure what to do now...

Can anyone help?
Change the MIDI latency settings in your preferences, or at least check and see what they are. Audio drivers wont fix MIDI latency.
Cubase calls it 'buffer settings' and I assume that Nuendo does too. It's found under your interface driver control panel.

Are you trying to use your midi keyboard to trigger samples or a VSTi? That will most certainly put greater demands on your system and risk greater latency. If you select a general midi device as your midi output, you should get much less.


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What kind of sound setup are you using in the computer? Is it integrated or a dedicated sound card?
I am using an integrated Realtek HD soundcard

I assume 'relatek digital HD input' is the midi input, in the ASIO4ALL control panel, it just tells me 'beyond logic'....

Axemanchris - Through Nuendo i intend to trigger VST samples, although at the minute i am trying to use a much more basic Magix midi program without triggering samples, the latency issue is just as bad here too