it 300 new
your not getting over 300 for it with or without EMGs
and don't give me the lecture of how much EMGs cost

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I didn't see what thread I was in

EMG's cost $200
The EX1 cost $300
Plus the man hours to put the EMG's in
I don't think you'll get away with $480

Just buy a guitar that has the active set as stock.
I sell you my Viper-400 for $480
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what are active pickups?

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rg2's are awesome. i have one. ive always wondered if i should try blackouts or 81/85s in them.


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Ived herd both are good but I love my EMG in this guitar. So freaking loud and crazy distortion.
you seriously should sell it for less...you can buy an RG, (maybe not the exact same) new, with emgs for less than 480.....or you could always axe for a trade.....=D
Never gonna give you up...