Or buying a new one. whatever you want to call it. so I have some questions:

1. I want a marshall amp. I don't do gigs yet so should I just get a MG?
(its the only one I can afford.)

2. I have a choice between an RG120 or save up for a Dinky. what do you think?

3. I want a very flexible distortion pedal but I don't know any. right now I have a ds-1

Keep in mind that I'm just above beginner right now. somewhere around intermediate.
1) What styles do you play?
2) Whats your budget?
3) Also what's your current rig?
If you are upgrading to an MG you must be playing through a blown car stereo at the moment. They suck so hard it ain't even funny. I played a show, and the venue had one of them(house band plays their as well). My guitar tone was ****, I eventually just ran right into the board. Forget about the MG and save your money or just buy a combo. People always feel the need to buy half stacks, which in most cases is unnecessary.
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Don't buy a Marshall just because it's a Marshall. Until you get to the DSL range and above, almost anything else in the price range > Marshall.
dont get an MG, there are sooooo many better amps out there in that price range, like...anythings better than an MG.
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