I started looking at scales for the first time a week ago and it seemed easy. Too easy. Playing from the positions seems almost like cheating to me. Isn't it more advantageous to learn the notes on the fretboard and the theory that tells you which notes are in it? My friend said that he just knows how to play the scales, without positions.

So unless someone can change my mind, I've decided not to learn the positions and try the theory way instead. Does anyone have any recommendations for exercises to learn fret notes? So far I've just been looking at a diagram of the first 12 frets and just trying to memorize by string while playing them.
Go out and buy a book of *insert wind instrument here* sheet music, and take songs from it and learn them in different positions and in different octaves. It's how I learned. (Then again, I played trumpet for 4 years prior)
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I would not just forget about scales completely, they are very crucial to any style of playing. If you want to learn some theory, why not pick a scale and find out WHY those notes make up a scale. And remember scales you shouldn't just be memorizing the notes up and down, you should use the notes in the scale to create songs and riffs.
try actually playing the scale and as you play each note say it out loud do, this 20 times or more a day, you will get the best of both worlds.
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I'm a little confused. I meant I'd rather not learn the way of using just positions. I'd like to figure out the scale by way of steps and then sort of know how it works instead of just knowing what frets to hit. But still, does anyone have any exercises or some method to memorizing fret notes?
Pretty much any guitar book should tell you the steps to playing scales. And as far as memorizing which frets to play, if i understand you right, then i'd say that you shouldn't be memorizing frets. Scales are just patterns of notes, so you should be memorizing the pattern like, whole, whole whole, half. Just go to a music store and flip through some books.
You can just use masking tape and tape it to the fretboard.
Write the notes on the tape of course. This way you'll see the
names of the notes as your playing and looking at your fret.

Basically you need to memorize all the regular notes...meaning no # or flat.
Basically all of the white keys on the piano.
This will be your reference piont.

This you must memorize
Basically...1/2 step between E and F
1/2 step between B and C

make a copies of a blank fret board and fill out once or twice a day.

You only have to memorize 5 strings. The top and bottom strings are the same. (E string)
You only have to memorize to the 12 frets...everything repeats itself.

anyway, you'll start noticing those patterns that you memorized are the same pattern
over and over again...in some books.

There's different patterns of playing the same scale.
It will be helpful if you at least know the root of the pattern.
But that's just basic stuff. it's be helpful if you know the arpeegio too.
i know it's death metal...but you still have to harminize.

But knowing to play them over what pitch will make a big different if you
wanna play in a band. Your friend can get away with it..if he's not playing
in a band

There's only five jigsaw pattern to the pentatonic scale..that's not biggy.
But knowing to hit what note over what chord.
it's just the basic.
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learn to read regular musical notation and you will understand much better.... like i can figure out a piece on my guitar then fumble through it on my trumpet. but learn to read musical notation and that will help alot