I'm building a guitar and the problem is that i cant find glues commonly used on guitar builds (titebond, evo stik). I live in Portugal and i can't find the glues that i mentioned. What other glues can i use? What are the type of glues that work?
elmers, obviously

but seriously, i would look online.
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What are you gluing on the guitar? I've used a variety of glues depending on the job.
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Any yellow PVA glue (carpenter's or woodworking glue) will work fine. Some oily woods like cocobolo and rosewoods will benefit from being cleaned with acetone before gluing. Polyurethane glues (Gorilla glue) will also work fine. I personally use Titebond I and III, but any Titebond product works great. I prefer Titebond III for guitars that'll receive waterbase finishes, as it prevents glue swelling. I'm pretty sure other manufacturers offer similar glues to the Titebond line.
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Check out STEWMAC.com they sell everything you need to build a guitar from scratch including glues.
I agree with Joel, Titebond is the way to go.
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