Me and my friends want to start a band (I highly doubt it that we're ready).
So are first step is to get instuments. I need a good bass rig for a beginner.
We'll be playing alot of rock music. My bassist doesn't have a lot of
money so keep it cheap please.

Oh yeah! I read that sticky about beginning bass guitars. this is just for a good recommendation
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Have your bassist check out the FAQ at the top of the forum. With this list (and amp list as well) go to your local shop armed with the suggestions and start trying out basses!
beginners should always check the knock offs first. go for squire they're mad cheap and decent. if your going to start a band and dont know anything about music theory that's something you should look in to now fyi.
Any of the basses in the sticky ARE good recommendations. Just have your bassist try a few of them at a shop to see what he/she likes.