ok so im buying a 07' gibson lp classic (wine red) and im dropping tom anderson H1- neck and H3+ bridge pickups into it. now i know gibsons now come with volume pots of 300k and tuner pots of 500k. ive been looking around on forums and most people that change the pickups also change the pots all to CTS 500k pots. now is CTS a specific type or brand and how big of a job is replacing the pots.
A quick google gave CTS as the company.

Replacing posts is as simple as taking the knob off, unscrewing the nut on the body surface side, and unsoldering the connections in the cavity side.

Then reversing this process with the new pots.

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Should be ok to just do the pots. You can go a little further and use the specific audio or linear taper pots. The curves on em are different. I like the audio for volume and linear for tone.