So i went to long and mcquade today, and i was checking out all the guitars, and finally found the one i want. Its an epiphone SG G400 Deluxe with a translucent amber finish. It's so beautiful and so light, and the neck is super thin which is exactly what i want. So it costs 390, but my cousin game me her purple squier strat for free which i dont want (i was planning on changing the paint, but its quite expensive) so she bought it at long and mcquade also, and the salesman said i could hand in that strat and get a credit towards the purchase of the SG. So after doing calculations and ****, i should end up paying around 100 dollars or less. So im definitely buying this, anyone else think its also a sweet deal?
Good deal, just watch out for the weight weirdness of the Epi SG's. They're heavy towards the neck which can be really annoying when standing up.

Otherwise it sounds good, just as long as you like how it plays.
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good deal, if you really like the SG's. im not just that fan of 'em!

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