I really want a floyd rose installed on my epiphone korina flying v,
im looking at a gold (to match the hardware) double locking one.

and I was wondering how i would get this installed? what the cost would be?
if it is not suitable or anything else about it?

Please dont say stuff like "get another guitar with a floyd" or stuff like that

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If you want a new one figure 180 or more for a gold one. Then you will need to find somebody to do the routing add another 150 or more. And of course will need the locking nut and the neck modded to use one. No idea on that. So basically not cheap. And you would need to make sure it will fit in the guitar due to the shape.
You want Floyd?

You need new guitar.

Ignoring the fact that it'd cost over $300 to get a decent floyd installed properly there's not enough room to retro-fit one onto your guitar.
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their might be enoguh room idk but i belive kahlers will fit and they come in godl 2
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i im gonna have to agree with t heff
i would go with a kahler personally

less routing required, and they cost around the same price as a floyd
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my friend got a 58 style epiphone goth korina v in a pawns shop once with a original floyd rose on it was an amazing guitar most stores wouldnt buy it off him when he tried to sell cus it wasnt listed in their books if i had the money when he sold i would have bought it for sure so i think yours should be able to fit it