This originated from me messing abot with an acoustic - harmonizing riffs and things. When I came up with that acoustic part i then tabbed it out and thought i'd add onto it and this was the outcome. I am pretty pleased with it. It is more melodic and less shreddy riffy as alot of my other things.

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The intro was alright but with the lead bends you did it sounded like it was going into a solo and when it just ended it seemed to be lacking something. I'd either get rid of the bends, although they do fit well, or add a solo there, even if it isn't that long. I really liked the clean section around the :30 mark. The harmonized leads around 1:00 are great, but the transition first going into them seemed a bit shaky. I liked 1:31-1:55 but to me it just didn't seem to fit the song and seemed out of place, the riffs and leads themselves were good though. The clean riff with the solo over it was really nice which built up and led to a faster solo, probably the best section of this song. The only part that didn't really fit with me was from around 1:31-1:55 but the rest of the song was great, really enjoyed the clean sections.

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Intro was nice but i would have led an up then down bend to make it abit more final. The Harmonies are pretty good and fit well. The 1st solo was not my style i guess. I much preferred the second solo on the clean guitar.
Overall - id say its got nice stuff in it - maybe work on making it a bit more structured.

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I liked it a lot, the synth was a really good addition, it fills in a lot of holes that would otherwise sound pretty empty. The playing is good really, you didn't make any big mistakes and you got through all your sections pretty clean. Not any issues with tonality either, everything fits in well. You should definitely find some more people to play with, that song would be great with a full group and theres plenty of room to place vocals -- sort of gave off an Iron Maiden-ish vibe.

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