hey guys,
I have an MIM strat with 3 Texas special and sure I can get a meaty tone out of it with pretty heavy distortion but I want even more. Should I put back my stock humbucker or wait for abit and put in a better one
Are you wanting natural overdrive, or artificial distortion? This is important (pretty much single-handidly decides what kind of pickup you need to be looking at), and yes, overdrive and distortion are two different things.

And, what kind of music do you play?
ah yes.. I'm aware about natural overdrive but ill keep that for the single coils I mainly play Stevie Ray stuff but on the odd occasion I like to play heavy rock stuff with something like a van halen tone. So in that perspective I was thinking Ill put the humbucker back and wait until I have enough money and put in a Dimarzio PAF pro