Ok so i have an ESP LTD B-155 5-string bass and am trying to figure out
which set of strings would be better.

Ernie Ball 2836 Regular Slinky 5-String Bass Strings(.045//065/.080/.100/.130

D'Addario EXL1605 XL 5-String Nickel Wound Bass Strings (Medium, Long)(.050/.070/.085/.105/.135

any advice would be great.

Mike .n
I'm guessing most people will recommend the Slinkies. I would, but I've never played D'Addarios before, so I can't give an honest answer. The D'Addarios are heavier, so take that into account. The Slinkies will be brighter, I'm fairly sure.

Neither is better, per say, but it's up to you to find which you like.
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I use Dadario strings and mine have a more brighter sound then the Rotosound strings i use to have. Next swap im changing back to rotosound.
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what about "slick"strings.I've always heard that slicks aretheway to go.
I'm just tired of layingout a ton of money on strings.
Im ot familiar with the term Slick strings
To Be is to Do -Socrates-
To Do is to Be -Sartre-
Do be do be do -Sinatra
I'm not too keen on Ernie Ball bass strings, but I have d'Addarios on both my Ibanez basses and am very happy with the sound.
Might wanna make sure that the bass isn't 35" scale length, and those are if it is.

I'd go Slinkies.
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I have D'Addario Semi-flatwouds on my bass, and I love them. Nice, warm tone. I had slinky's before that and they sounded just as good, but they were a bit brighter. I'm guessing that if the semi-flats are just a little mellower than the slinkies were, then the regular d'addarios are going to be brighter. Your call. I'd upgrade the slinkes though...

(for those who don't know, semi-flatwounds are basically roundwound strings that have been ground smooth)
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Haven't tried the D'Addorio strings, but the EB strings I've tried have all felt really uncomfortable and gave me a poop sound. Given that, I'd suggest the D'Addorios, but I've never played with them.
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I like D'addarios - especially now since they cost a lot less than Rotosounds here. Good dependable strings that hold their sound for a while (after loosing that 'fresh string' tone)
I've never tried Ernie Ball bass strings.
I have not tried Ernie Ball strings, but i have D`Addario strings on my bass. I love them! You should really know what sound you would like from your strings before you buy. I guess Ernie Ball strings are great too!