So I'm changing the strings on the bass that my friend gave me for his birthday. He's had the bass since he was in 6th or 7th grade and hasn't changed the strings on it. Ever. And we're juniors in high school now.

Well, I'm pretty new to bass basics so I've never actually changed strings on one. Should I worry about the neck or anything or can I just take them all off and then put new ones on and not have to worry about anything?

Thanks once again, UG
Those must be some shit strings on it by now ...

It should be fine, unless you're switching to a gauge much higher or lower than what's on it at the moment. In that case, you may need to adjust the truss rod to compensate for the difference in tension.
Just go ahead and change the strings. I wouldn't worry about adjusting the truss rod unless, you've done it before and know what you're doing. BTW i'd recommend DR's
I recomend Ernie Ball

but there should be nothing to worry about, if your truly unsure about the strings take the guitar into a guitar store say you need new string but are not sure about replacement or what guage and they will show you strings and help you replace it
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Bass strings don't wear like guitar strings...So they won't be that bad.

Yes they do. They go dead in about 2-6 months dependsing on the brand and lose clarity. The owner might not notice, as it's very gradual for them, but you'll notice when you put new strings on.
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