alright im thinking of getting the rocktron banshee talkbox but i just have a couple of questions before i get it

everyone highly recommends micing it up if your doing anything more than bedroom practice. thing is, i dont have the money or space for a PA system, I do, however, have a Fender Blues Jr laying around that im not really using at the time. would i somehow be able to do a micing thing using the speaker for that or no?

if this does not work, what would be a fairly cost effective way of micing this thing?
you could probably buy a cheap mic, and with the right cables, hook it up to the amp.

most mics have an xlr output, so you'd need a female xlr-jack lead

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alright that kinda helps. but doesnt really answer my question all that well

anybody else?
for bedroom use you should not need to mic it up...thats for stages IMO but if you do get a mic youll want a PA setup and something like an SM57 mic which doesn't have a large ball end that gets in the way when you attach the pipe to the mic/stand.