So I'm looking for a tube amp, 1000 or less, for playing live (25-250 attendees). I never know which genre to say I play, but to give you an idea of the sound think alexisonfire, rise against, against me, the offspring, nirvana, alkaline trio, and weezer. Just let me know.
1000 what? Dollars? Sterling? Rubles? Euros?

EDIT: Dollars, it would seem.
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if its $ try to find a marshall JCM 800,900,2000 all of which could be had for under 1000 (i mean the combos)
6505 and 5150 combos can be found under 1000 USD used.

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A Laney VC30 fits snugly into your budget.
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I second the 5150 idea, might check out a used carvin V3 can get them around 500-700 and they will definitely do rock stuff, not quite enough gain for serious metal though.
I would reccomend the B-52 ST-6012. 60-watt, all tube amp. I have one and they are great. Only about $750.
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