i messed the ip address on my laptop and i am connected w/ a wire. I keep on failing ip address on the test xbox live connection & it says the gateway does not respond
this happened to me, and my freind (works for this kind of stuff) did it for me. so basically if you dont have a computer freind, your ****ed
I'm HIV positive your Xbox got the AIDS.
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I'm HIV positive your Xbox got the AIDS.

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get a PS3 >_>

this is the PIT, what else sis you expect? help?

i suggest next gen console thread. i personally have no idea, as i dont have a next gen console.
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Oh man thats amazing, you win midi pure. I don't care whether it's a competition or not

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could have been 3 's but there wasn't nearly enough exclamation marks to emphasize the anger/disbelief

oh yeah