As we enter the darkness
Make sure to hold your breath
Nothing is more foul
Than the stench of burning flesh

This super natural being
That lurks in your mind
Dwells on your thoughts
Clawing at first sign
Of fear
(That's growing, That's growing)
Serenading hopelessness
(That's growing, That's growing)
And keeping your lonliness
(That's growing, That's growing)
Untill you collapse

In the mind of a killer
All things take time
A concentrated train of thought
A homicidal shrine
And he's
(All knowing, All knowing)
Bathed in bloody companionship
(All knowing, All knowing)
Blessed with perfect marksmanship
(All knowing, All knowing)
Untill he collapsed

And the deed of this maniac
Keeps a bumpy chill
Nothing is more foul
Than the way these people were killed

:: thats it, what do you think? and anyone have any ideas for a title ?

ESP ltd FX-400
Epiphone les paul jr.

Line 6 spider II combo 30 watt
Krank Rev. Jr. full stack tube.
I kinda liked it.
The last line was a bit creepy, which was cool.

On a title; I don't know, maybe something along the lines of "The One Within"?
Lame, I know.