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Ever got in a flame war with an asshole on Youtube?

This was in responce to me saying that the officer that killed Nathan Gale (Dimebags killer) shot him in the head, not the chest.

WELL thanx for the heads up(hahaha) on the shot of nathan gale(CAN YOU SMELL THE IRONY?), i've never checked out the autopsy files of n.g.but when a person who listens to system of a down,AND thinks they can correct me,FUCK YOU know id rather look up info on the best guitarist IN THE WOLD, rather than his killer. SO FUCK OFF YOU PEICE OFF SHIT YOU ARE NOTHING TO THE WORLD OF METAL, YOU FAKE PEICE OF SHIT...AND DONT TRY TO SAY YOU CORRECTED ME,CAUSE SOMEONE WHO WOULD RATHER LOOK UP DIMABAGS KILLER OTHER THAN DIMEBAG, IS NOTHING BUT A CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO KILL YOURSELF YOU FUCKING FOOL, I HAVE ROPE IF YOU NEED IT.

oh noes.


that guys a dimebag cocksucker. one of the people who are like "omg, metal. dimebag is way better than anyone. best geetarist evar. better than clapton, hendrix, page, vai. any of those pussies suckz!"
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I like Dimebag, but here was my original comment

Him: At least Gale is dead, got a shotgun slug in the chest.
Me: He got shot in the head. Blew his whole f*cking face off. Gale got what he deserved.

Him: TL;DR rant from above.


Wow...that guy took it the wrong way. Hell, you were agreeing with him, just not on the facts.
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yeh i did, someone said the nazis weren't a group, but it was a word used as a general derogatry (think i spelt it right) term, so technically the nazis never carried out the holocaust, cause they weren't a group, it was just a bunch of people who committed it......

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What do you think the odds are that he'll read this...?

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A lot higher than Chinese Democracy ever being released.
Moust youtubeusers are complete idiots I can tell you without generalizing.

Here's something I got after explaining that an artist everyone thought let a dog die for art didn't die, as it was later reported in many sources, among an nicaraguan newspaper:

umm duh Kjell23 of course the nicaraguan paper is going to put that the dog was well fed and all that crap becuase they dont want bad publicity and stuff. there are many reasons why they would lie like that, but i dont have enough time to explain it and ur just to stupid to understand it.

I've noticed this idiocy is more the rule not the exception on youtube.
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Ever got in a flame war with an asshole on Youtube?

I've never been that bored or easily manipulated.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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it's rather annoying really having someone with enough time to watch half the stupid stuff i do tell me how they don't have enough time to explain to me why they're right (or how by some twisted form of logic they think they are anyways)
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yeah i get into fights with people all the time but im trying to stop because it always eventually ends with the other guy being wrong then just saying "Oh ya well your a FAG!!!!!!".

then theres this one not that recently happened. This guy, who has about 20 six minute videos with him just playing Runescape, called a video of a couple of my friends the gayest video he has ever seen, so I told him its not as bad as runescape videos and he told me this:

I called their videos GAY cause they are gay, they are ****ing peice of **** videos with no ****ing use to watching. People who play runescape watch mine, People who like to watch dick suckin fags watch his.
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Get his age and address and show up at his doorstep. That'll teach the little bltch to cut off his e-balls

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ftw.
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Who ****ing cares? It's youtube.
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I don't take people seriously at ALL on YouTube. It's full of

-Ridiculously stupid metalheads like the encounter TS had
-Nazis and other racists whose hate speech just runs rampant on the site
-Random, insignificant people whose only purpose in life is to say "UR A ****ING FAGGET" to anyone who has an opinion about anything
-Classic rock elitists (look at the comments for any video released before like 1985, by any band) who call people pieces of sh*t and fags or whatever else for not knowing every little nitpicky fact about the band or artist in question ("i've been listening to this band for 20 years, therefore I'm a superior human being to you, and you should kill yourself")

...and the list of horrible people on the site goes on and on and on.


Probably because it's basically anonymous, and not moderated.

These people only have big talk when they can hide behind a username and a nifty little avatar, secure in the fact that they can never be wrong because they are accountable to no one. And in the fact that they can't have their asses booted off the site for providing no useful input or information to anyone, ever.

Basically, f*ck YouTube comments.

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This guy's videos are the worst for this type of stuff. People are really stupid if they think he's playing.


His videos are hilarious, and comments like this:

idiot u wish u make throw the fire and flames in reall guitar and u fuk u make **** ur guitar for a fuking lie

...completely make my day.

I mean, that comment used 25 words to literally say nothing. And the video I quoted it from has over 27,000 comments just like that.

Seriously, YouTube is just awful.
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i go on youtube and act like a complete ass by saying stuff on john petrucci videos like "green day OWNS dream theater" or going to pantera videos and sayin "so dimebag darreL walked into a bar and guess what? he didnt come out rofl lol lmao"
people get so mad over the internet
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For Christ sake she probably couldn't get to the center of a Tootsie Pop let alone suck your **** properly. Just get someone your own age you tosser.
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i go on youtube and act like a complete ass by saying stuff on john petrucci videos like "green day OWNS dream theater" or going to pantera videos and sayin "so dimebag darreL walked into a bar and guess what? he didnt come out rofl lol lmao"
people get so mad over the internet

Lol win
Sometimes I feel glad I have internet too slow to download useless crap off of Youtube.
All the time.
Mostly when I give them constructive criticism (nicely), and they then proceed,
"u fkin nub i no how 2 play gitar!!!!!!11w1"
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"so dimebag darreL walked into a bar and guess what? he didnt come out rofl lol lmao"

Oh sweet mother of Odin
WHY am I laughing at such a teriible joke?!
just stairway ? do u realize what u just said stairway is an amazing song so shut up and start practicing because its going to take you 100 years to be that good ****er
Found this one on a video of MSI's "I Hate Jimmy Page"

"JIMMY PAGE IS A 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 (I DON'T KNOW IF THAT'S A NUMBER) TIMES BETTER THAN THESE ASSHOLES!!!"

I mean, how on Earth could that not be a number?
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i just got into one some **** saying that the spider 3 is a better amp then the peavey classic 30 and we all know Its not
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You should've told him the whole Dimebag/Gale thing was a lover's quarrel.

I think the guy would have exploded if he said that.
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