I've been thinking about gear again a lot lately, and while I'm very happy with my Ibanezes and Ashdown I find myself wanting equipment I can take anywhere and do anything with - basically a bass that covers enough sonic territory to enable me to leave most of my gear at my parents when I move and an amp that I can travel with pretty easily for when I'm visiting people and jamming.

Amp-wise I think the Little Mark II and a 112 should do the trick nicely, but I'm struggling for ideas when it comes to the bass.

It must have the following:

5 strings
Neck single-coil and bridge humbucker
3 band EQ
Decent upper-register access and preferably 24 frets

The options I've found so far are the Lakland 55-02 (I'm put off by it being ugly, having a flat rather than tilted headstock and only 22 frets), the MusicMan Bongo (I'm put off by the price), a Warwick FNA (but I don't like the standard 5er neck profile, and the custom neck is pricey) or a high end Ibanez (I'd have to compromise on the pickups)

So basically what I'm asking is can you think of any basses that aren't astronomically expensive that fit what I'm after? Thanks a lot for any suggestions
Something with coil-taps?

edit: This matches perfectly! Traben's not a really huge company, but I've played one of these and they're great. There's also this model if you want to dish out a little more $$.
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You really screwed yourself over with the bridge bucker and single coil combo. The only bass I can think of that fits everything is the Bongo, but you've already thought of that. Any chance on giving a couple inches on the humbucker situation?
Well nothing is set in stone really, but I really do love this pickup combination. Humbuckers at the neck just sound too muddy to use soloed, and single coils at the bridge sound too thin for me. I want to be able to get a smooth, old school tone from the neck and more biting modern sounds from the bridge.

That Traban does tick all the boxes...shame about the bridge but I could live with it if it feels nice and it is cheap - I'll try and find somewhere I can try one. Well found!
I'd say Sandberg, but the price is around a grand, but you can get it custom

my next bass is gonna be a Sandberg, blue burst finish, maple neck, and the same pick up config that you yourself are wanting...maybe check them out??

not very helpful...I'm sorry
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I've tried a couple of Sandberg models - California PM5 but I hated the feel. I had been playing an Ibanez SR before and then picking up the Sandberg felt like driving a sports car and then driving a truck - it felt so clunky and slow. Also...only 2 band EQ and 22 frets
...why do you want a single coil?
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Custom made?
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