Anyone had any experiance with ted webers amp kits? I live in the US, so ceritone isn't an option for me, and I have heard some bad things about STF electronics and torres engineering.
Why is Ceriatone not an option?

If your going for a full kit I would not go with Weber. Resistors, caps, pots, hardware and transformers are pretty bad. They use.......well crappy components to keep costs down.

I would suggest buying the chassis and eyelet from them and maybe a few little things and just source the rest by yourself.
I'm looking at the mojo champ kit without the ca or speaker. I would just build it as a head and run it into my custom 1960's Pioneer cab. cost for the kit comes to 315 plus shipping, comparable to weber. How are the instructions for mojo? How is their customer support?
For an amp like a CHamp you dont really need instructions. A good clear layout is all you need.

I built a Champ, check out my thread for a bunch of dumb n00bish amp questions...