what guitar are you running it through and what effects.
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Yea, the MG is probably the most hated piece of crap on this forum.

Just dont get it.
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can you fuсk it?

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Oh I will find a way.
IMO, it's a horrible amp.
i had to play one once at a show and i hated every minute of it, I'll never play one again.
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Generally, those Marshalls are ok as practice amps, but unless you have some good pedals, it wont sound great. THere are much better amps you can get for the price of the MG half-stack.
100 watts right? Might as well get a good tube amp that's 50watts, it'd be much better.

If you want it for practice, why get 100 watts?? Pointless in the first place.

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well I'm kinda on a budget, like $400. Also I have a Epiphone SG with no effects but if it would sound better with one i could get one.

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Do not buy an MG.
For any reason whatsoever, please, do not waste your money.
Get a nice tube combo instead.
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