So we have this talent show thing at my school next week. I have been kinda in and out of this band with my friends, mostly because we just haven't had time to play and whatnot. But were pretty much the only "band" in the school. Long story short, my class wants us to play for it, and we agreed. The only problem is that we have to learn a new song in less than a week. So I was wondering if there are any quick to learn, but fun songs that we can get down fast that will be fun for us to play, as well as the crowd to listen to.

also...i normally sing....but im playing bass too, the problem is I have a hard time doing crazy bass lines and singing at the same time, so thats the only thing that can narrow the song search...(i was originally thinking some blink 182 song, but i figure some suggestions)

Seven Years by Saosin. As long as you have some1 who can scream, I think itll be a good song. And its pretty easy, as long as you can do harmonics well. Try it out.
If you were thinking blink-182, you're probably right, maybe some Green Day. Everyone will recognize it, they'll like it, and it's fun/easy to play.

So why not?

Specific songs?

Josie, Dammit, What's My Age Again, Rock Show- Blink-182
Coming Clean, Walking Contradiction, St. Jimmy- Green Day
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Yea, thats the main reason i was thinking blink, because most would recognize it, and its easy to follow along, I mean I would love to play something else, but i dont want people to be like..."what the heck is that?", because im sure people would rather wanna hear something they can sing along to....yet, other suggestions are greatly excepted...you can even include a blink or greenday song, or anything else, i dont care, we gotta play two songs total, so any ideas help
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