I'm going to bring my acoustic guitar with me to go see my girlfriend this summer and i realized all I know in the category of beautiful sweet songs are dust in the wind and stairway to heaven. I'm looking for finger picking no harder than dust in the wind and i want it so be sweet not completely classical sounding. I know "sweet" is a matter of opinion but I don't have time for arguments. So, recap: Sweet sounding acoustic songs with finger picking no harder than dust in the wind.
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wtf r u say make no sensical

The Missing McCloud Boys and Easter by the Prize Fighter Inferno, or IRO-Bot by Coheed adnd Cambria are some good acoustic songs. Honestly, almost anything by Coheed and Cambria or Prize Fighter Inferno are good acoustic songs that are more than just strumming or fingerpicked chords.
patience-GNR sing and play, and wait for the secks
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You could learn Falling Slowly from the movie Once in 15 minutes. Easy, and easy to sing with. The verses are fingerpicked and then the chorus is just chords. Again, really easy to learn.
wherever you will go - the calling
everlong -foo fighters
barely breathing - duncan sheik
save tonight - eagle eyed cherry
the reason - hoobastank
glycerine - bush

Serenade her with some john mayer (early stuff) and Drive-incubus. Don't attempt if you can't sing. Her panties will be sure to come off.