Im going to buy a stratocaster off ebay. But i don't want to pay like 900-1000$ for an American one, so i figured i would look into the mexican ones. I play a lot of RHCP and Hendrix. So i was wondering if tthis would be a good guitar to do that???

here is the link...

Thanks hope you can help!
From what I've gathered, MIM stratocasters aren't bad guitars at all.
Of course that's after they've been setup, but nearly all guitars suck when they're not setup.
Yeah, Mexican Strats are usually considered to be quite good. Go for it, absolutely.
Do YOU know who Les Paul is?

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yeah, both frussie and hendrix play mainly strats
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go for it
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These forums are weird sometimes. They all say MIMs are good guitars... They are decent. Nothing spectacular but not bad. Mediocre guitar. If you rig it to how you like it go for it. I find that when I mod the MIM's for my friends or the price they are a good choice.