ok, i've got a Tone Zone in the bridge position and a Super 2 in the neck. the Super 2 actually is quite tame, but the buzzing from the TZ is so obnoxious it makes me want to kill a room full of labrador retriever puppies.
the buzzing doesn't go away when i touch the strings or the bridge or tone/vol knobs. does that mean its properly grounded?
if i stand in one position and i turn around in that spot, the buzzing fades and returns at 90-degree angles. so if i'm facing my amp and the buzzing is really bad, i can turn sideways to the amp and it will pretty much go away. doesn't seem to matter too much, if at all, if i'm near my computer or if the lights are on.
i did all the wiring myself, and i think i'm rather competent. don't have any shielding. but i don't think its needed with double-coil pickups. should i just try re-wiring the bridge?
is it normal for the neck pickup to produce less buzzing than the bridge? but the amount of buzzing from the neck p/u is really over the top. its to the point where i don't even want to play the eff'ing guitar.
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you still need shielding.
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i say try to re-wire it. if the problem persists, post back here.
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you still need shielding.

if this is the case, then could you point me to a "how-to" website? i could probably do it myself if there's an explanation