Whats a good ass song that has two guitars that kick toatal ass. Pleases help me please and thank-you
The Trooper by Maiden. Gravemakers and Gunlingers by Coheed and Cambria. Voices, Bury Your Head, and Seven Years by Saosin.

abnegation - in flames (was just listening to it)

or other songs of them, but you should describe your searched song a bit more clear.

Edit: or Eraser of In Flames
hate to say it but... Freebird
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Detroit rock city - Kiss
MIA - Avenged Sevenfold
Anything by Derek and the Dominos
Black Shuck - The Darkness
All the Young Dudes- Mott the Hoople
Where is My Mind- The Pixies
Beast of Burden - Rolling Stones (though it is sometimes done with one )
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